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At Howard Rigg, we make it our mission to help businesses of all kinds find not just a building that suits their needs, but a complete commercial solution that will enable them to focus on their objectives and achieve sustained success.

At the heart of what we do, our existing portfolio of high quality commercial and industrial sites currently accommodates businesses ranging from major multinationals to smaller locally based enterprises - most of which enjoy the stability of long term leases with us.

But, while it’s true we see very little turnover among our clients, we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to provide a better environment for business.


Working with trusted local partners, we develop high quality new build commercial and industrial properties, in response to specific client requirements.

We redevelop old industrial and brown-field sites, bringing the business premises of the past into the 21st century.

And we’re also happy to consider acquiring existing sites, often with a view to leasing them back to their original owners - an increasingly attractive option for many businesses in today’s extremely challenging economic climate.


Above all, our approach is based on providing a responsive and truly personal service. That starts, of course, with rental or lease solutions tailor made to the individual client’s circumstances.

Just as important, it continues throughout the term of the lease, whether that’s just 2 years or a full 25. Whatever issues may arise, we’re always on hand to help - our aim being to resolve difficulties of any kind before they become a real problem.

Flexibility, common sense and an absolute commitment to serving our clients’ interests: for us at Howard Rigg, these are the foundations on which trusting and mutually beneficial business relationships are built.